Which Emotional Value Can Transform Your Brand?

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Why do you exist?

Most companies can’t answer that question. Employees have no idea what the organization does for the world.  And that doesn’t bode well for morale, let alone the bottom line.

We’ll help your organization focus on the thing you do that people value most – that resonates with potential customers and gives a sense of purpose to your employees.  Once we’ve identified the fundamental human value your company can claim, we build on it to develop a story about your brand, and deliver it with fresh, captivating creative executions – digital, video, presentations, advertising and more.

Fundamental5 Branding helps companies have a greater positive impact in the world. That’s our reason for being.

“Lazaroff /Dundore helped us distill the reason we existed to a single, short statement and helped us focus our efforts moving forward.  It was a process our people really appreciated, as they were able to think about their jobs in ways they had never thought before.”  

— Rob Israch, CMO – Tipalti

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