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NetSuite – SOAR and YOU’RE FIRED Campaigns

Print and Banner Campaigns

Print – SOAR

Research showed that the target audience of financial executives needed prodding to switch to a cloud-based system for accounting/ERP. They didn’t want to blaze the trail – it was deemed too risky. But, they also didn’t want to be the last guy to make the switch either. Our job was simple – make it clear that the future is now. You can’t wait, or you’ll get left behind. It worked. Response rates were 2x the standard at Forbes, Fortune, Businessweek and other key sites. Site traffic was also up 18% year over year.

Banners – SOAR

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, banner ads are part of most advertising campaigns today. And when done well, they can have a big impact on brand awareness. How big? In this case, we doubled NetSuite’s awareness in just 6 months. To find our more, contact us.

NetSuite – You’re Fired

It’s happened to us all.  Autocorrect has made us all look bad. We leveraged this new reality on behalf of our NetSuite client with our print and digital work for ERP.


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