Captivate Your Prospects To Close Them

Your rep has done the research on the prospect.  She has identified their problems and how you can help solve them.  It should be a slam dunk to close.  But it never does.  Why?  Because your rep never connected with the prospect, and failed to articulate YOUR STORY.

The Fundamental5 Story brings together marketing and sales to harness the power of stories.  We identify the emotional underpinnings of your product or service to to provide focus and impact  for your sales and marketing teams from lead generation through to the close.  We will empower your sales and marketing team with a framework to create and deliver stories that engage prospects and turn them into advocates.

“The Fundamental5 Story approach made an immediate impact for my team. Improving our storytelling in the presentation and demo helped close a major deal just one week later.  ”

— Mark B., Docusign

The Offering

We engage our customers through a structured series of one one one interviews, workshops, and consultations to make storytelling a natural part of your sales funnel:

  • Review of outbound marketing emails, ads, videos, presentations
  • Listen in on sales calls and product demos
  • One-Day Workshop with sales team to introduce storytelling concepts, conduct exercises and role plays
  • Revise outbound materials and presentations to infuse story structure and methodology

Free Story Consultation

Get a free 30 minute consultation to identify how you can better utilize storytelling.  We’ll give you some actionable ideas to help you better engage your potential customers.

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