You’re in a meeting, giving your pitch, making your point, exhibiting your passion, your superior knowledge, charisma, impeccable mind toward providing the solution to the problem you’ve been invited to solve. And you either do or do not know what the hell you’re talking about, which makes these 4 words even more amazeballs.

You don’t know them. They don’t know you. But they have a pouch of hot coin under the table they’re itching to give you, should you be the one that gives them the Solution from Manna, the answer to all their problems, the thing that keeps them in their jobs past June.


You’ve got to keep them in the room, in the moment, in the flow of your energy and beautiful mind. And of course, they’re all cursed with the 2016 attention span, which is shorter than the relationships Leo DiCaprio has with Victoria Secret models. You watch if they check their phones, don’t stop typing on their laptops, or send their eyeballs to the ceiling wishing there was some impact they could make to keep their jobs until June. You watch because if they are, you’re losing them, and you need that hot sack of coin under the table. Or you’ll be out of a job by June.

And then one of the execs leans forward, looks to their associates; those all too eager to take that exec’s job in June, and the exec makes sure the vultures see he/she is about to enrich the meeting with a question that will open the heavens with new information or stump the vendor, which could also be a feather in his/her cap, unless the vendor is a relative of the CEO.

The exec’s wheels turn, chest puffs, and they ask the question that shines the room light on his or her impeccable mind. Usually, it’s either pretty obvious, or has nothing to do with anything you are talking about, or is so pedantic, it would be met with a back of hand in any decent Irish bar at Happy Hour.


And when they finish with their question, you give it a beat, to show that the question is boring a hole in your forehead, and banging on the front door of your frontal lobe. And of course, you wait to see if any of the execs co-workers wants to make them look bad by answering the question, and ruining their summer vacation.

Then you call out that secret weapon. Those 4 magic words that open up their brain folds, exhibit your exquisite sense of empathy and bring the meeting to a halt:

“That’s a good question.”  Yup. That’s a good question.  Pull it out once or twice in the same meeting, the second time embellishing it with, “That’s a (really) good question!” and you’ve just let them know that they’re all pushing and shoving toward the edge of brilliance. An edge purely of your own invention.


Doesn’t matter what the question is:  How do you propose to achieve world peace? That’s a good question! Why are so many gastro pubs serving Brussels sprouts? “That’s a really good question! It doesn’t matter what the answer is. They don’t care. Two seconds after saying those 4 words, they forgot the question. They’re basking in an outsiders approval, feeling better than James Brown. You gave them more attention than their helicoptering parents ever gave them. They grew up on T-Ball and you just gave them another chance to hit.

 And you got them right where you want them. The money pouch is warming up. Now, you can either answer it right away; “Let me talk to the Dali Lama about world peace,” or, “Let me get to one of our Top Chiefs who is redoing the menu at the Dali Lama’s about the Brussels sprouts phenomena!” which is a double whammy as you can address the world peace and Brussels Sprouts questions with one all encompassing bucket of influence and faux connectivity. Then, of course, if they ask, “Wow! The Dali Lama! Can we meet him?” you answer with, “That’s a good question.”

See how it works?  I watched those 4 words change the tenor of a meeting. I’ve seen those 4 words shift the focus away from the CEO to an underling. The best thing about, “That’s a good question” is that it’s one of the things you can do to make you look smarter, as recognizing a good question is as good as knowing the answer.

Is Leo still dating Chelsey?

That’s a good question.
















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