thWith apologies to Bert Lahr and L. Frank Baum…

FADE IN: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion await to see the Wizard of Oz. They’ve all been primped and plucked and prepared to meet The Great One.

They are all ears as the Lion describes the single thing that unites the Generations…

THE LION: (Grandly)

Story. What makes boomer out of a baby? Story.

What makes the X’er buy a Mercedes? Story.

What makes the Millennial stay glued to their phone in the social sphere while living at home? Story.

What makes a grown-up act so grown? Story.

What makes the connection to generations? Story.

What makes the company express their FOUNDATIONS? Story.

What makes the smart phone so smart?

What puts the org in the org chart?

What’s the art that gives it all a heart?


THE LION: You can say that again.

There just isn’t a better organizing principle for civilization than story. Studies have proven it. It’s the one thing shared across generations and the one unifier for business. It’s the glue that keeps the business together and creates the glue to get and keep customers. Story is told and passed from generation to generation and from employee to employee.

So don’t be a coward. Invest in your story.




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